Landholder RRA Forms

Landholder RRA forms consist of certification forms, reporting forms, declaration forms, and supplemental forms.

  • Certification forms are used by individuals and entities that are subject to the RRA's discretionary provisions.
  • Reporting forms are used by individuals and entities that are subject to the RRA's prior law provisions.
  • Declaration forms are used by trusts, estates, farm operators, and public entities.
  • Supplemental forms are used when land must be, for example, designated as excess land or selected to receive Reclamation irrigation water at the full-cost rate.
  • Standard and supplemental forms each have separate instructions that provide detailed information on how to complete the form.
    • Use of the corresponding separate instructions is highly recommended when completing any RRA form.
  • Form 7-21INFO (General Information About RRA Forms) provides general acreage limitation information, including definitions for the terms used in the RRA forms.
  • Optional continuation sheets are available when additional space is required to provide information in certain sections of the RRA standard forms.

The RRA forms are electronically fillable, and all RRA forms may also be printed (as blank forms) and manually completed. The RRA Resources page provides general troubleshooting assistance.

  • Please be aware that the landholder RRA forms must be manually signed and manually submitted to the appropriate district or Reclamation office in order to fulfill the RRA form submittal requirements. Because district offices with varying electronic capabilities receive and retain landholder RRA forms, at this time there is no electronic submittal of completed landholder RRA forms to maintain program-wide consistency in RRA program administration and protection of landholder information that is protected by the Privacy Act of 1974.
  • Although current softwares allow digital signatures to be applied to PDF files, Reclamation does not provide, support, or accept digital signatures on landholder RRA forms.
  • The RRA forms for the next consecutive water year are made available on the RRA website on November 1st each year.

The appropriate RRA forms must be submitted annually and/or when a landholding change occurs (see Fact Sheet 11 for further information regarding landholding changes).

List of Forms and Instructions

Form 7-21INFO, General Information About RRA Forms

Form 7-2180, Certification of Individual's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-2180EZ, EZ Certification of Individual's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-2181, Certification of Entity's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-2184, Certification of Religious or Charitable Organization's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-2190, Report of Individual's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-2190EZ, Report of Individual's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-2191, Report of Entity's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-2194, Report of Religious or Charitable Organization's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-21FARMOP, Declaration of Farm Operator Information (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-21TRUST, Declaration of Trust's or Estate's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-21PE, Declaration of Public Entity's Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-21PE-IND, Attachment Sheet for Form 7-21PE (Identification of Indirectly Held Land) [INSTRUCTIONS]

Form 7-21VERIFY, Verification of Landholdings (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-21FC, Selection of Full-Cost Land (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-21XS, Designation of Excess Land (INSTRUCTIONS)

Form 7-21XSINAQ, Attachment Sheet for Form 7-21XS (Identification of Involuntarily Acquired Excess Land) [INSTRUCTIONS]

Form 7-21CONT-O, Continuation Sheet for Directly Owned Land

Form 7-21CONT-L, Continuation Sheet for Directly Leased Land

Form 7-21CONT-I, Continuation Sheet for Indirectly Held Land


Last Updated: 8/1/22