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We are pleased to offer youth groups admissions into Hoover Dam's Visitor Center for a fee of $5.00 per youth and escort. Youth groups include educational groups (K through 12th grade, or age equivalent) recognized by a Federal, State or local government; or groups belonging to recognized non-profit clubs, i.e., Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, etc., with an educational or badge requirement; and church groups.


You and your group will receive a Powerplant Tour of the world-famous Hoover Dam. Tours are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) daily. Admission to the tour consists of:

  • live presentations describing the operations of Hoover Dam (hosted in the Nevada wing of the powerplant that features a view of eight huge generators) and its contributions to the American Southwest;
  • a visit to the exhibit gallery with numerous multimedia displays;
  • audio presentations at the Dedication Plaza near the winged figures, at the Nevada Intake Tower, and on the Center's observation deck which provides a panoramic view of Lake Mead and the Colorado River; and
  • entrance into the original exhibit building.

As you descend in the Visitor Center elevator to the powerplant level of the dam, your guide will present safety tips. Visitors are prohibited from eating or drinking beverages, except bottled water, while in the Visitor Center or exhibit buildings. Additionally, there are no public bathrooms available in the powerplant, so hygienic needs should be taken care of while at the parking garage or in the Visitor Center.


An educational "learning packet" (see links in left margin) provides background information about Hoover Dam and the surrounding area. It includes learning activities to promote understanding of Hoover Dam's impact on the environment and its technical and historical significance for the United States. The student activities may be used either alone or in conjunction with a visit to the dam. Please feel free to reproduce and share the information in this packet.


A maximum of 80 people (students and escorts combined), per school, per day are permitted. If a group has less than 20 participants, accommodations will be made to include the group on a tour with other visitors. One (1) adult escort per 10 students is requested. Additional escorts beyond the 1:10 ratio pay the full price of a Powerplant Tour.


School buses and vans identified on the application will have complimentary parking in the parking garage. Private automobiles may be restricted or charged for parking.


Tour reservations for educational groups are made on a first-received, first-accepted basis. Reservations should be made 90 days in advance of the preferred tour date because of the large number of requests for tours; note: Hoover Dam is closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving days.


Hoover Dam is not currently able to accommodate Educational Tours at this time.


We encourage the use of nametags affixed to all group members indicating their name and the name of the school or organization. This will ensure the group member is reunited if separated from the group.


An average of 14,000 vehicles cross the dam daily, often resulting in long traffic delays. Please allow sufficient time for your transportation to arrive at the facility no less than 15 minutes prior to your tour departure time. You can obtain information regarding road conditions and security restrictions by calling toll free 888-248-1259. For directions to the dam, click here.


Students/young guests should stay close enough to the adults in their group to hear them speak in a normal voice. The escort should lead the way with the students following. Another escort should follow the group as a trailer to ensure the group stays together. Listen to the tour guide and follow all instructions. Please stay with your tour group at all times.

Use sidewalks and paved walkways while moving around the dam site. Please walk and do not take short cuts by crossing the street without using a crosswalk.

Young people often desire to climb on benches, fences, exhibit barriers, guard rails, objects along the tour route, or even the canyon walls. These objects are unsafe for such activities; please stay on the paved walkways.

The tour is not recommended for people with claustrophobia.

Due to security restrictions, the tour may be cancelled at any time with minimum notice. Should this occur, the Youth Group Coordinator will be contacted as soon as possible and a refund provided.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Hoover Dam.


Last Updated: 2/8/21